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is dedicated to the creativity of Magic and Mentalism in particularly, with focus on effect and routines most suitable for virtual shows such as Zoom, Facebook live and others.

During this unfortunate time of COVID-19 we were forced to adapt to a new media of virtual online performances. A two dimension media that on the one hand limits us, but on the other hand opens a new world of magical possibilities.



Shimon Nahamani is an artist and a creator of original and creative magic and mentalists acts. Shimon has over 30 years of experience in this industry.
Nahamani is also providing consultancy to world wide leading magicians and mentalists which use his hand crafted arts on their live shows, tv shows, contests and on social network shows.
The acts that Shimon creates are very visual, creative, original and jaw dropping. it will surely give your audience an unforgettable experience.
Most of the acts on this website are very easy to handle. They do not require high technical skills and are very simple to deal with.
Shimon can also create you a customized act with your demands. Make sure to contact our customer service in order to get a quote for such request.

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